How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take?

Did you know that 90% of roof replacement is the dominant area of construction in North America? It isn’t surprising with all the storms like tornadoes, damaging winds, hail, and hurricanes that occur in North America.

There is also the problem of roofs being old and needing replacing. 

Knowing all the upkeep that needs to be done on the house or building can be daunting to figure out what needs to be done. It can also be tough trying to figure out who should be the one replacing your roof.

You wouldn’t want someone that is brand new to construction to work on your roof. There is no telling how long it would take them to fix your roof. Hiring an expert that’s been in business for years could be the way to go.

To learn more about how long it should take to fix your roof continue reading!

The Time It Takes for a Roof Replacement

There are several factors on how much time it takes to do a roof replacement. With the right amount of people and the weather being perfect you can get it done within 1-3 days. 

If it rains the construction company to hold off as shingles won’t stick well, and metal becomes slick and dangerous. The shingles can have a tough time sticking if there is a lot of humidity outside.

The cold could also factor into how long it takes to get your roof fixed. Especially, in Indiana where it can get below freezing.

Roof Replacement

It would not mix well if you were getting a metal roof and it rains on part of it and then freezes the next day. You could also have a delay in getting your damaged roof fixed if the materials must come into the store.

It could be your insurance company that ends up making the roof replacement last longer.

Type of Roof

The type of roof can come into play on how long it takes to get a roof done. If the roof is flat, it is easy and quick to repair. If it has a lot of valleys and slopes on the roof it is harder to do.

Common types of roofs are:

  • Gabled roof
  • Flat roof 
  • Clipped gabled roof
  • Gambrel roof 
  • Hip roof
  • Mansard roof

Most of these roofs would take 1-7 days to do. It depends on everything else going well and no underlying problems coming up.

Underlying Problems 

More problems can pop up when removing the old shingles or metal from your roof. When that happens, it means having to do more than just replace the shingles. 

This can lead to the job taking more than three days to complete.

It can be a good thing for it to be discovered and taken care of right away so that the new roof will last as long as it can.

A roof will last around 25 to 30 years before it will need replacing if the weather doesn’t get to it.

Roof Replacement Options

There are many options when it comes to replacing a roof but there are two types you need to be aware of. These are metal and asphalt shingles.

If you want to go with the most affordable, then you would then look at the options you have with asphalt shingles. You can get a variety of colors and styles depending on what you want.

Our company All That Roofing, which is based in Indiana has designers to help you from the very beginning of the process.

What to Look For in a Roof Replacement Company

If they don’t show up or are late to an inspection of the roof, you might not want to go with them. You will also want to look into whether they have warranties and if needed financial payments.

Here at All That Roofing, we offer financing with an option called Fund My Roof. This allows you, if you are in Indiana, to apply for a small loan to cover the deductible.

You shouldn’t assume that the lowest bidder is the best either. Sometimes when the prices are that low it is low because of how the quality is. This doesn’t mean that all low bidders won’t have good quality.

You need to ask yourself which ones have effective communication when you are looking at which roof replacement company to go with. You will also need to be sure to get everything in writing, so you have proof of the work being done.

Roof Replacement

What Warranties Are There

Our services have a lifetime workmanship warranty. We understand that sometimes the weather can come through and damage the work we have done.

Some materials will come with a warranty also. 

Of course, not all companies are the same and offer the same warranties that we do. Look into them and figure out which one is best.

Some of our manufacturer’s warranties will come with up to a lifetime warranty.

Can a Commercial Roof Be Replaced

It isn’t just your home’s roof that would need fixing. If you have a business, church, apartments, HOAs, and more we can help.

Keeping your business going is important and trying to find a construction company that can do so can be hard.

All That Roofing can help so you can quickly get the roof fixed, so your business can keep rolling and won’t get stalled.

Don’t Be Fooled by Roof Replacement

Getting a roof replacement shouldn’t be hard and shouldn’t take more than a month. Making sure your roof is done right is important to your home and you.

If you are looking into getting your roof replaced contact us and schedule a free consultation and pricing.